Favorite Photos of 2019

1. Jumping Horses (Mystic Valley Hunt Club)

I love the front facing jump and a side facing jump photo. Both these photos were taken during one of the Mystic Valley Hunt Club hunter/jumper shows. I like this photo, but to me it represents taking the leap forward into a new chapter in life. This was the first year that I was an official photographer for a horse show. I was so nervous, but I learned so much.

2. Bella, Sarah’s puppy

My sister got a new puppy this past year. She was absolutely adorable! I brought my camera with me and took some photos while I was there. I wanted to help capture these moments for her and play with a new camera lens.

3. Sunset Photo, Grand Canyon

Last summer, I had the opportunity to hike from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon down into the middle and out the South Rim. This photo was taken the evening before the hike. The sun was setting behind the North Rim of the canyon and the colors were just magnificent.

4. Dressage Horse, Washington

This was taken during spring vacation from college. I went to go visit my friend, Morgan, who lived in Washington. While there, I was able to watch her participate in a Marc Peter Spahn dressage clinic. This is a photo of the wonderful lady who set up the clinic and her mare. I always have a soft spot in . I likmy heart for friesians and the two of them were just gorgeous.

5. Morgan and Stunning

I’ve known Morgan for a very long time. She is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet. So when I decided to start a photography business, Morgan was the first person I reached out to. I took this photo after we had finished the black backgrounds and before we did the horse and rider photos outside. I love how all of the lines in the barn lead the eye to the center focal point of just a woman and her horse. I love the contrast between the darkness of the barn and the light outside.

6. Tracy and Cosmo

I love this photo. It was taken at the very end of the photography session when Tracy was taking Cosmo back into the barn for the evening. Tracy and Cosmo had been a pair for over 20 years and to me, this photo represents the bond between woman and horse.

7. Baby Raccoon

My friend Nikki rescued this orphaned baby raccoon. She did everything from washing him to bottle feeding him. He was so cute and tiny! I love how he’s looking at his reflection in this photo!

8. Barn, Missouri

This barn was on my husband’s uncle’s property. He doesn’t have animals, but it was used by the Amish prior to him purchasing the property. I loved the view of the barn with the high grasses in front.

9. Skeleton Horse

For Halloween, I decided to paint a skeleton on my horse, Binx. It worked out so nice because the white paint really stood out on his dark black coat. I love this photo because it captures the movement. The movement in the skeleton as well as the movement in the mane and tail.

10. Irene and Junior

I love the smile on Irene’s face and Junior’s relaxed eye. To me this feels natural and really captures the bond between the two.

11. Fairy Lights Horse

This is a unique photo, but I love the contrast between the black horse and the background. I also love the short depth of field. It helps that this photo was taken of my horse, Binx.

12. Fairy Lights BBG

This is another unconventional horse photo. I love the arch in the neck and how it draws the eye deeper into the photograph. This was also taken during the Christmas fairy lights photo session.

13. Girl and Donkey

This photo was taken during a photo shoot that I did for the Beech Brook Farm Equine Rescue. This family had come to look at this large donkey and I think the donkey fell in love with their daughter.

14. Farrier Grinding Horseshoe

I love the contrast between the blue tones and the bright yellow sparks. This photo was taken purely out of happenstance. I happened to be at the barn when the farrier was there and I just happened to have my camera bag with me. I’m normally a very shy person, but I struck up enough courage to ask if I could take some photos. To me, this photo represents having the courage to tell people I was a photographer and to ask for what I wanted.

15. Alice and Cosmo

I love Alice’s smile and I love how relaxed Cosmo is. You can definitely tell that they have a bond.

16. Remington

I love this photo! This is a photo of my youngest cat, Remington. It was my first time attempting a studio portrait. It was taken with a white backdrop. I later used Photoshop to make the white even and brighter.

17. Tracy and Cosmo

Tracy and Cosmo had been together for well over 20 years and you can really feel the love between them in this photo.

18. Tracy and her puppies

I love the sunset in this photo, the backlighting in Tracy’s hair and the way that Tracy is looking at her two best friends.

Looking back on all of these photos, I can still see and feel all of the emotion behind them. It has been such a fun time to see just how much I've learned and how much I've grown. I am so excited to see what 2020 has to offer and I can't wait to share it with you!

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